Custom Jigs & Fixtures

We have manufactured a variety of custom Jigs and Fixtures from line automation to progressive stamping tools for the semiconductor, automotive and other industries relating with metal fabrication. With our experience, we can fabrication most kinds of steels and aluminium to the desired specifications.  

Our capacity is a hand carry sized object with unlimited quantity, which require any of the following machining & fabrication:

  • Precision milling machining
  • Precision turning/lathe machining
  • Precision/simple drilling
  • Precision grinding
  • Custom size and shapes machining
  • Tapping (machined & hand taps available - Threaded holes)
  • Shearing 
  • Angle cutting
  • Perforations (custom sizes - holes, shapes, indentation)

All products will be inspected and verified according to customer specifications. 

Automotive Industries

High quality precision turned and machined automotive parts made from a variety of metals - alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. 

Semiconductor Industries

High precision manufactured products with very close tolerances for Wire bonding, Bond testing - pull hooks, shearer, etc. Lead frame or Die clamping tools & fixtures, special tube transfer jigs & fixture, and other custom required tools. All design to customer requirements and can be made from alloy, brass and other types of steel.

Do send us a enquiry on specification and quote to suit your systems.