Tubes & Rails

All of the tubes and rails manufactured are fully extruded, single piece high precision aluminium extrusions. These tubes can withstand standard baking temperature. Most of the tubes are fully open on top, we also have fully closed tubes with partial openings. 

2 main types of tubes:

  • Single Lane 
  • Multiple Lane

Our tubes and rails fabrication consists of the extrusions cut to length, optioned machining and fabrication according to design and finished with a conductive anodize.

Some options as below:

  • Crimped end with/without high temperature silicon rubber
  • Removable end plugs (conductive / non-conductive)
  • End-stop rivet, pop rivet
  • Lead count engravings
  • Special machining
  • Special engravings
  • Anodize finish (Natural, Coloured, Electroless Nickel, Hard Anodize)
  • Package Transfer Jig (Custom-made)

Details needed when enquiring about tubes and rails:

  • Package design
  • Package drawing
  • Environment exposure of tube/rail - burn in, baking, chemical testing, test handlers, etc.

Request a design to suit your leads/products or submit your design to us and we can give you a quote.